The Classic Street Fighter II GameBoy Does Not Disappoint

In the early 1990s, the Nintendo GameBoy had taken the world by storm. During that golden game’s era, Street Fighter II was released on the arcade with consoles racing to develop their own spin-offs. It was only a matter of time before the 4.9Mhz (yes MEGA Hertz), black ‘n’ white handheld device developed its own version. In 1995 Street Fighter II was released on the GameBoy and received moderate reviews from critics (72.50% Game The competitive fighting game originally released for the arcades in 1991. It is the second entry in the Street Fighter series and the arcade sequel to the original Street Fighter released in 1987. Street Fighter II Gameboy

As a sequel to Street Fighter, Street Fighter II improved upon the many concepts introduced in the first game, including the use of command-based special moves and a six-button configuration. It offers players a selection of multiple playable characters, each with their own unique fighting style and special moves. The GameBoy and the multiple variations play well on the Dingo System as the 8-button arcade style controllers give it a true arcade feel… the way the game was meant to be played.

The Street Fighter II series is credited for starting the fighting game boom during the 1990s. Its success led to the production of several updated versions, each offering additional features and characters over previous versions, as well as many home versions. Some of the home versions of the Street Fighter II games have sold millions of copies, with the SNES port of the first Street Fighter II being Capcom’s best-selling consumer game of all-time as of 2008.

The GameBoy versions had its limitations. With limited CPU power, RAM and ROM space, the developers had to rebuild the game from scratch to fit on this unique playing format. All the main characters are there with their special moves and execution mirrored well. However, the GameBoy’s two button control configuration meant that the signature, Light, Medium, Heavy punch and kick attacks had to the amalgamated into a simple, punch and kick attack. Users will not be disappointed though as the game plays well and the captures the Street Fighter II spirit.