What is Dingo Systems?

What makes this system great is the game controllers are built into the drawers which tuck away neatly after use; you can’t tell there’s a arcade machine built in!

Hi! Thanks for taking the time to look at my table.

I was a huge fan of games growing up in the 80s, and have always dreamed of having arcade machines in my home. But let’s face it, in reality an arcade machine is not the most subtle or space saving piece of furniture. So, over the course of six months, I have worked to perfect a cocktail games cabinet which would blend right into the furniture – and a coffee table would be perfect! 

I know what you are thinking, this isn’t a new idea, there are tons of table arcade machines online. So why reinvent the wheel? The problem with tables currently on the market is that the joystick and buttons protrude from the top or side. Not the best way to blend in with the lounge room, and it wouldn’t take long for one of these to be banished to the man cave.

For that reason, the table I’ve designed has the controllers hidden in slide-out drawers for easy access when in play, and that seamlessly tuck away when the fun ends. The machine then functions as a beautiful, robust, classic looking coffee table.

Importantly, I wanted a machine that functions like a proper arcade machine where you essentially turn it on, and it works. The table is just that simple, you don’t have to be a computer wiz to operate it; just press a button and you’re ready to go. Everything is set up in easy-to-navigate menus with videos and pictures for each game. You don’t even need a keyboard or mouse!

The cool thing is when I have guests over and they discover the coffee table’s little secret! Hehe. With over 10,000 games from 20 consoles, there’s something for everyone of every age. Plus, forget the mess of setting up chess or monopoly boards, they’re built in too!

Please note, this is just a hobby of mine and I’ve only made a few for family and friends. They’ve gotten so much nostalgic joy from the table and they have inspired me to consider building a few more in case others would love it too! The problem is that I live in an apartment and literally built the system(s) on my front step. Perhaps one day I’ll have a proper workshop and will be able to build some bigger and better! If you think it’s pretty cool or have some ideas, please leave your comments below or get in touch.