Frequently Asked Questions

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How is it Different from Other Coffee Table Machines?

Other coffee table video machines may look great too! HOWEVER, they will have the joystick and buttons protruding from the surface or side which effectively make them more of an ‘arcade machine’… it won’t be long until they too will be banished to the boy’s room to collect dust. The Dingo System will be proudly on display for your friends and family for as long as the inner child remains.

Can it be Used as a Coffee Table?

YES! The solid teak wood is stained and coated in a water resistant poly resin. It’s sealed so well you will not have to use a coaster! Rest easy with no fear of nasty ring water marks. The strong interior dark 6mm glass creates a water resistant barrier just in case there is any unforeseen spills (Yes I accidentally tested this!). The dark glass also hides the large 32″ monitor without intruding on the brightness when in use.

Is It Easy To Use?

The Dingo System has been designed to be used by anyone with little to no computer knowledge required. Simply turn it on, wait a short few seconds for it to load, choose your console, then choose your game. It’s that simple. All the consoles and games have been programmed to function with the 8-button Game Pad with a simple ‘start’ and ‘escape’ button to begin and close a game. To help you get comfortable with the system, I’ll give you a FREE Skype session to help things run smoothly on your first use.

Will I Get A Sore Back Playing?

I’m not sure why this keeps getting asked, but you definitely will NOT get a sore back using the Dingo System. If you can handle sitting on a couch sipping tea or coffee, then you should be just fine. Another way to think about it is like playing chess, checkers, or a board game around a coffee table… You are not fixed in any position and are free to relax back or lean forward without losing screen vision or access to the controllers. Also worth mentioning that I’ve road tested this on VERY judgmental family and friends without a single complaint. However, for those really concerned, the table comes with 2x USB ports at the front for game controllers. I’ve found PS3 controllers work the best!

So What’s Included?

Besides the solid, sturdy, and stylish coffee table, the system is has a single interface with 16* consoles and approximately 10,000 games built in. All of the classic consoles from the 70s, 80s, 90s and early 2000s are there, with a few newer ones included too. Contact me to find out more. Included is over 6,000 arcade games from the original Space Invaders and Pac-Man, to Street Fighter and Mortal Kombat. Name a game, and there’s a fair chance it’s on here.

Included is:

  • All your favourite arcade and home console video games
  • A wireless keyboard and mouse (mouse to be used as a light-gun for several shooting games)
  • Built in WIFI dongle (System can also be used to surf the net, check email Or hook it up to Pandora and is becomes a MUSIC coffee table)
  • 2x USB connectors in case you wish to install your own original game controller at a later date… Or even charge your phone while you’re gaming!
  • Skype and TeamViewer are installed if you need to get in touch with some troubleshooting

Length = 122cm
Height = 42cm
Width = 72cm

Weight… requires two people to lift

How Much Does it Cost?

The cost can vary depending on your needs. Contact me to get a quote. It’s an investment you will not regret! Other systems with less games which look more like arcade machines cost over twice as much. And why would you pay close to $10,000 for an original video game cabinet that has only ONE game on it?! The tables are made from quality teak wood and the electronics installed with great care. They take me some time to make, so order well ahead of time is essential! Looked after well, there’s no reason you shouldn’t expect your system to be the centre piece of your living room for years to come. I will be on hand to iron out any issues you may have along the way. I will accept a payment plan too. Get in touch with me and we’ll discuss how you can own your Dingo System as soon as possible 😀