A Classic Game goes 3D – Contra Playstation

Contra: Legacy of War is a 3D action game produced by Konami originally released in 1996 for the PlayStation and Sega Saturn. It was the first of two Contra games developed for the PlayStation following the success of its predecessors on the NES, SNES, and Arcade from 1987 onwards.

The game marks the series’ jump to three-dimensional graphics and controversial changes in gameplay. Legacy of War was released packaged with a pair of 3D anaglyph glasses, which the game supported. Legacy of War bears the distinction of being the first console game in the series to retain both the Contra title and human characters during its release in Europe and Australia. In Australia however, the console series was known as Probotector from the first NES game and until Contra: Hard Corps. As great as it looks, the PlayStation version was not able to capitalise on the success of its earlier versions. Consequentially, the scheduled release in Japan and other Asians nations were canceled.

In this video, my mate and I tested out another of our childhood favourite. Originally a 1987 Arcade and Nintendo classic, this installment of the series is featured on the original PlayStation. The game begins highlighting the familiar characters, weapons, and general theme; however the gameplay is A LOT different. The 3-Dimensional gameplay offers a modern scope and initial excitement to its predecessor, but honestly lacks the feel of the depth. As you can see by the length of the video, the game was over before we really got started. 1.5 Stars out of 5 for me.

Contra: Legacy of War